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Tempflow Reviews, Customer Feedback and Testimonials

The following Tempflow reviews, feedback and testimonials come from actual customers who have slept on various Tempflow models that use our patented Airflow Transfer System™ Technology and Biogreen® memory foam. They have volunteered to share their experience and received no compensation for doing so:

“As a doctor of physical therapy, I didn’t want to just settle on a mattress that didn’t meet my our needs properly. I did a lot research and came across the Tempflow memory foam mattress. I’m very pleased with the support and comfort it has provided me. Since my husband overheats, I knew the cooling system was really important and thankfully, it really works. It’s a fantastic product and I have already been recommending it to my patients!”

Dr. Karen Swisher, D.P.T

“I purchased the new TempFlow (Selene) mattress with a bamboo mattress cover at Praetzel’s Fine Furniture. It has been fabulous, the best bed I have ever slept in my life. However, as a woman now going through cancer treatments and also resulting menopause symptoms of hot and cold and sweating at night, I was still not finding a balance of temperature control. The staff at Relief Mart suggested over the phone I check my mattress protector and see if it was breathable. Discovering it wasn’t, they recommended I buy the Organic Cotton mattress protector to place over the mattress. I could not be happier! He was right! Aside from the extra breathability, the cotton absorbs the sweat, and now all I have to do is wash the cover if needed. I have had two weeks of much more restful sleep with a natural cooling effect and the cover is to also to credit! It is also very beautiful and fits snugly. What are you waiting for?? I am glad I didn’t wait! I love simple solutions! And, the staff was so kind and helpful with me, and understanding of my situation.”

KS, San Rafael, CA

“We recently purchased three of your mattresses, and I promised to critique them for you. My wife has a number of health issues, the latest of which requires that she sleep on her back in an electric hospital bed. As anyone who has slept in a hospital bed will attest, they are not the most comfortable, while the beds provided as rentals are even worse. The stock mattress reminded me of a crib mattress. My wife has slept FAR better since we installed your mattress, and no longer wakes up in pain. The support it gives her legs is especially important, as it molds to her shape relieving all the former pressure points. That mattress certainly has made her life more enjoyable.

My problems are different. I have a condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which means chemical out gassing can make me ill. I also have a sinus condition. Since my mattress was quite old, we decided to replace it as well. We tried a memory foam topper once in the past, but even after months it still gave me headaches, so we gave it away. I had hopes for your product. I did notice a slight odor when we installed the mattresses, but it dissipated in several days. Note however the odor did NOT cause me any difficulty. I have been sleeping very soundly, and am quite happy. One thing has occurred which surprised me; I am having much less trouble with my sinuses during the night. Apparently something in my previous mattress, a Sealy Posturepedic Grandeur Plush Pillowtop, was causing my sinuses to act up. We previously thought it was just the act of my lying prone, but apparently not. If I had known of that benefit, I would have replaced the mattress years ago. One other point is that I can now sleep on my side again, something that had become impossible on the old mattress. This new mattress of yours is much kinder to my old bones and joints, thank you for a great product.

The third mattress we bought was for my wife’s use in our travel trailer. You cut it to size perfectly, and I recently got it installed in place of the crummy flip couch that came with the trailer. I can’t believe you also made a custom mattress cover for it, now THAT is real customer service. It is now like a day bed, a bed at night and a couch during the day. We just add cushions on the bed to use it as a very comfortable couch. Here’s the kicker. The first time my wife tried it, she said she was going to sleep in the trailer. She was kidding, but only just, it is a good thing she likes her new mattress in the house.

The bottom line is we are delighted with all three mattresses, they are perfect.”

Best Regards,

Chuck Clark

“Here is my “report card” for the TempFlow mattress: The TempFlow Gaia is the best mattress I have ever had. It adjusts to and supports my body from head to toe in any position. No more tossing and turning. A real miracle for me!

Evelyn B. Penney, Las Vegas, NV.

“I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much my husband and I like our new tempflow mattress. As you know I really struggled with this decision, purchasing without seeing the product and such a large amount of money. I am happy to report we both just love our new tempflow mattress. We spent the little extra and chose the Eros. It is everything you promised and more. It is like laying down on a cloud, but, yet firm also. It is perfect for us. I think it is better than the Temper-pedic. Thank you for helping me with a very difficult decision. I have recommended you to my friend Shelia Enfiled from Garber, Ok. She is coming to see me this weekend so she can see our mattress before she buys, but, she is very interested. Thank you again for all your help.”

Fran and Bill, Scalf Grapevine, TX

“We tried three other mattress’ prior to finally getting the PERFECT one

#1- Tempur-Pedic Cloud: chemical odor and VERY hot!

#2- Sleep Number: VERY uncomfortable and shooting pain up my entire back first night.

#3- Tempur-Pedic Conforma Signature: awful chemical odor.

After returning three mattress’ I became very hesitant to get any. I slept on an airbed for 2 ½ months until finding TempFlow on internet.

Our fourth and final mattress Copia TempFlow Memory Foam is absolutely SUPERB! It has same feel which we loved of the Tempur-Pedic, but NO horrible odor! Our Damprid white crystals for absorbing moisture in the bedroom had turned DARK brown from Tempur-Pedic where as with TempFlow they are very white.

After many Dr’s and tests due to SEVERE headache with NO relief for three months my allergist had insisted the cause was the Tempur-Pedic mattress. Headache completely gone after four weeks getting rid of #3 Tempur-Pedic . Eustachian tube dysfunction still present, but hopefully in time that will clear too.

My husband and I are VERY happy with the TempFlow Copia. NO odor, GREAT feel, and NO back pain!

Words cannot express how VERY grateful I am to Rick and Relief-Mart,Inc. Rick spent much of his time talking with us answering all our many questions and got it right in his suggestion for what specific TempFlow mattress would be best for us. Wonderful seeing as how we were unable to see, or lay on mattress prior to purchase.



Dianne Zywica, Altamonte Springs, Florida

“I have had my Tempflow memory foam mattress for nine months now, and I love it more than when it first arrived! I have a history of back problems and have always used firm mattresses so I wondered how I would feel after sleeping on a foam mattress. I am ecstatic to tell you that I feel terrific! While this mattress is substantially different than a traditional spring mattress, it took me no time at all to adjust. The Tempflow mattress is a luxurious combination of support and comfort – difficult to describe, yet so relaxing to feel! I am hyper-sensitive to odors but this mattress had none at all. Delivery was timely and efficient. Everything from start to finish regarding the purchase of this mattress has been well worth the investment I made. Thank you so much!”

Maria R., Los Angeles, CA

“We replaced our rig and home mattresses with the Tempflow RV6000 and RV8000 mattresses and they have transformed our sleeping into pure luxury.”

Bob Livingston, Highways Magazine, May 2011

“A few months ago I bought a memory foam mattress from you – the Gaia. You explained it to me as the best mattress for people with pain because it has a good amount of “soft” memory foam on top, but is still very supportive because the base has a quality higher-density foam underneath than usual, for stronger support. Sounded good, but I was skeptical. Nevertheless, I ordered the mattress for my guest room. A few days after I had placed it in the room I had a guest come who has the worst pain imaginable and all over the body — osteo-arthritis in the major joints with knee replacements, back pain, numbness and tingling in the arms, stomach pain, gallbladder pain and several other painful conditions. She never slept through the night because of pain. Well, she had such a good sleep on that mattress that she took it home with her! So, now it’s my turn. I’d like to order a Gaia myself so that I can see what she’s so excited about! Thank you for all your assistance in finding just the right bed to suit each individual person.”


Debbie Graefer, L.Ac. Encinitas, California

“I received the mattress yesterday (after a long weekend of moving) and last night was one of my best. This morning I had no pain or stiffness at all. This mattress is a must”.

Thanks a lot,

Dr. Victor Valpuesta, Houston, Texas

Medical Doctor

“To Whom It May Concern: We purchased our Copia bed over a year ago and had promised to give you a review to publish, if you so desired to use it. So, here it is. We purchased our Copia bed and received delivery in December 2010. The bed was delivered promptly and the delivery crew were courteous and helpful. I had my doubts initially. I was in pain, especially through my hips. I originally thought the Gaia bed would be better since it was soft, but the salesperson indicated that my back was better supported by the Copia, so we bought it instead. I was hooked after one week. My hip pain disappeared. My husband travels a lot and says he loves coming home to this bed. After one year, the bed has softened a little, and I love it even more. It sleeps cool in the summer heat and adjusts quickly to our bodies even during the colder winter months. My husband gets up at different hours than I do and I am never disturbed by his comings and goings. Wonderful bed. We recommend it highly.” Sincerely,Sherrie Nielsen, California

“We purchased our mattress back in November 2009, and being skeptical of buying a mattress thru the internet. We have held off our testimonial to use the mattress for period of time to see if the comfort of the mattress is just not a “new” feeling. It is now six months of having our Tempflow mattress and we have got to say it is one of the purchases we made in a long time . I suffer from major back problems and never really slept for more than a couple of hours at a time as the pain from pressure points in the mattress caused me to awaken. With our Tempflow mattress I actually sleep thru the night ! Thanks again Jim for taking the time to answer our questions and walking us thru the ordering process.”

Michael and Renee, Ripa Walton, NY

“Well it’s been a couple of months with our Copia mattress & we couldn’t be happier. We both are getting better sleep & are waking up feeling better than we ever had with our old mattress. Thanks TempFlow!”

Joseph R., Petersburg IL

“We received our king-size Tempflow mattress in February and have been LOVIN’ IT ever since! It is the most comfortable mattress my wife and I have ever experienced. The thing we like best about it is that it’s very supportive like the Tempur-pedic, but UNLIKE the Tempur-pedic (which I had tried before) this mattress somehow feels soft and doesn’t seem to retain body heat. I never feel as if I need to reposition myself to a cool spot, as used to be the case with my old mattress. Lying on a Tempflow is like being gently upheld by firm pillows. (By the way, their “Trillow” pillow incorporates these same great qualities.) I used to have to change positions about 14 times before I got comfortable enough to fall asleep on my former, “big-name” mattress but since I got used to the Tempflow I’ve been drifting-off quickly and sleeping soundly. And in the morning I actually feel really RESTED! I sometimes sleep on my stomach and it used to take me a while to find a spot where my face didn’t feel the springs, but my face is always comfortable anywhere on the Tempflow. People have joked with me about having “a sniffer like a bloodhound”, yet I’ve never noticed the odor from this mattress. Since we have a king size Tempflow, we love the fact that we’ll never again have to turn it like we used to have to do several times a year with all our previous mattresses. One thing we especially appreciated was their attitude that customer satisfaction is paramount. We paid for the “white glove treatment”. Everything was fine until the two delivery personnel who delivered the bed assembled the frame improperly. I called Relief Mart and they had somebody out there in almost no time to make it right. We were very positively impressed with the quick and competent responses we got. They really seemed to care that we were fully satisfied. This Tempflow mattress has proven to be one of the best investments we ever made. We feel like we got our money’s worth and haven’t regretted it for a minute. We’d give it 5 out of 5 stars.”

Bruce Higley, Sacramento, CA

“Just another testimonial for the bed. Absolutely WONDERFUL! We purchased your KS bed last year along with the pillows. Well we have loved our bed since we had you make it softer at the shoulders and firmer in the middle. In fact, my husband drove home over 2 hrs every night from a job he had in Muskegon just to be able to sleep on your mattress both nights he was away. I think that is a testimonial in itself. We have tried convincing our adult children to invest in your mattress but so far they have not budged. They both have Sterns & Foster and Serta mattress (coil innerspring). I wish you could offer them a deal so that they could be as comfortable as we are these days with our mattress. Just thought you would like to know how satisfied we are with your product. Thanks again. Love the pillows also. Tried the Tempurpedic ones and they are too hard.”

Sandra Nye, Saint Joseph, MI

The Manhattan Beach based luxury boutique hotel Shade, from The Zislis Group, has had fantastic success using Tempurpedic mattresses for their patrons and will now be constructing another Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach, Ca. This LEED Platinum hotel is scheduled to be finished in 2013/2014. LEED certification is the recognized standard for measuring “green” building sustainability. Their Platnium certification shows the highest standards of excellence. That is why they have chosen to feature the Tempflow memory foam mattress with the Air Transfer System and Biogreen memory foam. “We have been sleeping on the Selene from Tempflow and haven’t noticed a difference in feel from our Tempurpedic. We love that they have engineered their own Biogreen material, which will be a perfect fit for the new LEED Platinum Hotel in Redondo Beach”.

Shade Hotel Mattress Testimony
Michael and Andrea Zislis

Owners of Shade Hotel

“Just wanted you to know we got our Eros mattress and really like it. So much more comfy and my hips don’t hurt now when I get up in the morning. So between the nice pillows and the bed, we’re sleeping just fine.”

Lora Luce, Kankakee, IL

Update Report by Lora:

“Did I mention to you how much we like this Eros bed?? LOL! Boy are we sleeping good now. This mattress is just awesome. We turned it as per the instructions recently and it is just dreamy sliding into my nice soft, conforming bed at night with the awesome memory foam pillow. As Allen says, he feels like an egg in an egg carton!”

Lora Luce, Kankakee, IL

“I’ve been using my Gaia mattress for several months now, and I sleep peacefully through the night. I switched from a pillow-top mattress, and the first couple of nights I thought that I had made a mistake. The firmness was unexpected. The firmness, however, lets me sleep through the night without pain from kneecap tendinitis. I’m petite at about 4’ 10” and 90 pounds, and I do not sink into this mattress. Within a few nights, I knew that I had made the right decision. I wish I could stay awake longer to appreciate the comfort. Just kidding, of course. I love dozing off to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, which I purchased with the bed. Having allergies and being sensitive to environmental toxins, I’m very satisfied with these nontoxic products, and also with the mattress pad that I bought. My only dissatisfaction is the white-glove delivery to my Brooklyn NY home (Please see company response below). The 2 men delivering the products literally threw the box spring onto my bedframe, and when I recently tried to put storage boxes under the bed, I saw that the bottom bar had been broken in the middle. Being petite, I put no weight near the foot end of the bed. I will be having company this summer, so I’m hoping the bed frame holds up with two larger persons using the bed. All in all, I would use Relief Mart again, and I would purchase these products again.”

“Sleeping Soundly in Brooklyn, NY”

Susan N.

Company response: We are no longer using this white-glove delivery terminal and we have sent out a new bed frame to replace the one the shipper damaged.

“We’ve been meaning to write you to say Thank You! It’s been almost 3 months now on our new 11″ Harmonia, and we are very pleased. It took some getting used to because it felt a bit on the solid side (hard) at first until broken in, but it was a relief from, what was to us, the much too soft Celestia.

We have always appreciated the high quality of your mattresses, and the customer service is impeccable! You and your team really worked hard to help us find just the right mattress fit. Our backs, joints and necks thank you! My husband and I sleep much more soundly, and often through the night! I am no longer waking up sore or stiff at all in the morning (this has been touch and go at first). My husband continues to wake up a bit stiff, but he goes to bed stiff, so it isn’t anything the bed is doing to him, and regardless, he says he really likes the bed. We were very concerned about trading in the Celestia for the Harmonia because we thought we’d get a rock solid hard mattress, and yet we are now very attached to our Harmonia, and with the added 2 inches, it is plush enough while being supportive.

Thank you and Relief Mart for the quality of your products, the integrity of your 120 day guarantee (and follow through!) and your apparent genuine care in getting just the right mattress to the right customer! We are very satisfied customers and the mattress was well worth the cost!”

Warmest Regards!

Ed and Kira Flores

“First of all, you need to know that my husband and I are both in our 60’s, so a comfortable, yet supportive, mattress has always been the Holy Grail. When our last mattress finally hit the dust, I spent a lot of time researching the new types. I quickly dismissed the one with numbers after I sat on one. Just because you can adjust the thing, it doesn’t make it comfortable. I tested my first memory foam mattress at a local store, and fell in love the moment I laid down. I had read that memory foam was not recommended for people that needed a cool surface, so was not optimistic that I could own one of these wonderful mattresses. I experience agonizing hot flashes, so a mattress radiating heat would not be an option. Wanting to make sure this was correct, I began a second search on the internet. I wanted to see what was available besides the heavily advertised brand. When I discovered Tempflow, I was thrilled. Not only did it have the best warranty plus a very, generous 120 day testing period, the design was different. Tempflow offered a “cool” perforated surface that allows it to breathe. This is all I needed. I called the company and found a wonderful group of salespeople with excellent information. They answered all of my questions and led me to the correct firmness for my mattress. I was leaning toward the more expensive soft top, but due to my chronic lower back pain, the sales rep suggested a firmer model. Now, don’t get the idea, firmer means “hard.” Remember, this is memory foam. It adjusts to YOU! I wanted my mattress to be a certain height. No problem. They made it just the way I wanted. What more could you ask? My mattress arrived with a surprise. Do you have any idea how much foam weighs? Lighter than air? Couldn’t be further form the truth. Our Queen required 4 men to place on the bed! Amazing. When you get yours, be sure and have enough muscle to unwrap and place. There will also be a slight scent that lasts for a few weeks. We placed a thick padded mattress cover over ours which was washed with the sheets. I am now waiting on my super thin (organic cotton) cover that will protect the permanent Bamboo cover. Be sure you order one of these. You can’t find a thin mattress cover at a store. We have enjoyed our Tempflow for a couple of months, and simply love it. I’m a stomach sleeper and husband is a back sleeper. No matter how you sleep, the foam adjusts. I can even sleep on my arm with no issues. We also ordered their brand new shredded foam pillows. Very nice. The pillows have the same Bamboo fabric cover as the mattress, which unzips if you need to remove extra foam. I was able to instantly make my pillow a mere 3″ in height, which is perfect for a stomach sleeper. Oh.. about that overheating problem.. there is absolutely NO HEAT from this mattress or the pillows. In fact, they’re rather cooling to the skin. An answer to my prayers! Thank you, Tempflow. Can you imagine owning a mattress that will last for 30 years? It’s a great feeling.”

Irene Bernardo, Arkansas

Owner Of Top Of The Line Products

“I placed my order for the TempFlow Selene Queen 9″ mattress with Relief Mart, and received it in less than ten days. Relief Mart was also very helpful in informing me which was the best mattress for me, even when I had been planning to buy a more expensive one, for which I am very thankful. My wife (who is seven months pregnant) and I have been enjoying this mattress for over a week now and we love it. It took me about two or three nights to get used to it but now I’m sleeping great. I had read a lot of negative reviews about the memory foam mattress being too hot and the terrible smell, and this mattress was neither. I would like to give this mattress a 5 STAR review.”

James Davis, Brazil

“I have been sleeping on my TempFlow mattress for over 3 weeks now. I purchased this mattress because I have several sleep disorders, including Narcolepsy. As you may know, Narcolepsy is characterized by sometimes severe night time sleep fragmentation, and excessive daily sleepiness, among other things. The prescribed medication only partially ameliorates the night time sleep fragmentation, so I have tried many other things in order to improve my sleep. This has included a litany of different types of mattresses to eliminate any sleep difficulties possibly related to the mattress itself. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that indeed the TempFlow did provide some improvement in overall sleep quality. While I am not a physician, I can testify to the comfort and quality of the TempFlow matress that I received. I now get more restorative sleep at night, and have had some reduction in the excessive daytime sleepiness category. I appreciate this quality product.”

RW, Round Mountain, Texas

“Thank you Jim for all your help. We purchased a California king bed recently, and found it to be as advertised. My wife and I absolutely love it. I can’t believe that I waited this long to purchase a memory foam bed; not to mention the money I have wasted on conventional, pillow top mattresses. My wife and I are side sleepers and Jim helped us pick out the correct style to accommodate how we sleep. Both of us sleep more soundly and wake up with less pains and aches. There are a number of times that I can hardly, nor want to get up because it is so comfortable. Both of us change positions through out the night and neither of us can feel the other moving. The bed stays cool and it is so quiet when we move around or get out of bed. We love this bed, and would HIGHLY recommend anyone to explore the products available. The sooner you purchase a bed, the quicker you experience an awesome sleep.”


Dick and Shawna Pickinpaugh

“I want to tell you that we are very happy with the mattress. A few months before buying it, I started getting a sore back from lying on our old mattress, as well as from sleeping in another bed. Turning from my left side would be extremely painful. I realized that my current mattress was very old. My wife and I started visiting mattress stores and tried their memory foam mattresses. I also got advertising literature about the Tempurpedic mattresses, which seemed very expensive. On an auto trip we tried Sleep Number beds at some motels, but they gave little relief. I found your web site and bought a modified king size Selene mattress and put it on our old box springs. The first night on it brought relief, and things got better from there. It took about two weeks to become fully accustomed to it. Now I look forward to going to bed at night instead of dreading it. My wife is also very happy with our memory foam mattress.”

David Woolf, Chevy Chase, MD

“My wife and I love our new TempFlow memory foam mattress. We had been looking for a new mattress for quite some time and could not come to a decision based on short visits to the local stores. Many other products like the TempurPedic felt nice but we were not able to decide which product best fit our needs. In our many conversations, you were helpful and patient explaining the different options and technologies. Since buying your product we have had many wonderful nights of rest. We received your new memory foam pillows over a week ago and are extremely impressed. I have used a typical memory foam pillow for several years but my wife never found these types of pillows comfortable. Your new shredded foam design changed her mind and she now uses it as her primary pillow. Your mattress and pillows are the best I have ever used. I also appreciate working with an American company that manufactures products in this country. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I am sure we will continue to do business in the future.”

Kind regards,

Steven and Cynthia Childers

“My wife and I are delighted with the quality and comfort of our new Selene mattress from Tempflow. Dr. Rick Swartzburg was very informative and helpful in explaining how the product is manufactured, how it works, and what we could expect in the way of comfort and durability. After sleeping on our new mattress for more than seven months, we are extremely satisfied with the Selene mattress! It is very comfortable, and my back pain has NOT bothered me since I started using it in March!! Thanks so much to Rick and his staff for the wonderful and friendly customer support, and for providing such a great product! We look forward to many years of sleeping in our Selene bed! We have already recommended Tempflow products to several friends, and will continue to do so.”

“Thanks again to all the folks at Tempflow and Relief Mart for your professional customer service and the excellent products you provide. We are proud and grateful to give this glowing testimony for your use in advertising your products and services.”


Lee & Bonnie Patterson, Crestview, Florida

“We recently purchased a Tempflow mattress and we would like to say that everything said about this being a cool mattress is true. We have not noticed any excessive body heat what so ever from this design. The Tempflow design really works. Thanks for a wonderful product.”

Mike and Connie, Burke Norman, OK.

“My fiance and I got the TempFlow Celestia model. We were very hesitant to order the mattress, as there was no dealer around us to try out the bed. We still ordered the mattress, along with memory foam pillows in hopes it would solve some of our sleeping problems. The first few days we were a little disappointed with its firmness, as we thought it was comparable to the Temper Cloud Luxe. It seemed a lot firmer than what we were expecting. Over a few weeks now, it has softened up; it does take some time for this. We are now very satisfied with the mattress. It has a perfect feel of being soft, yet being firm to support your body. The feel I must compare it to laying in sand. Sand is supportive, but very soft to the touch. The mattress itself had an odor for about 1-2 days; this is with us having an air purifier in the room. This is still much better than other memory foam mattresses that release smells for months. Our friend got the Temper Pedic mattress a few years ago, and it literally took about a year for the smell of the bed to go away. On our old mattress, I would get severe shoulder pain. I’m 5’1 and 105 lbs, female. My fiance would get shoulder and back pain. He is 5’11 and 180 lbs, male. Since using the TempFlow Celestia, our shoulders do not have any pain. Our backs did hurt the first few days of using it, but that is because we needed time to get use to the new feel. Now, we both have no back pain. All of our pain from our original mattress is gone since the new Temp Flow Celestia. The number one compliment I must give this mattress is how restful of a sleep we both get. On my old mattress, I would toss, turn, and stare at the clock- 1:00am, 2:00am, next thing I know its 6:00am and I am still awake. With the memory foam, it takes me 10 minutes to fall asleep if a try. I would have never thought it was my old mattress keeping me up all night. Overall, I would highly recommend the TempFlow Celestia. If you do get the bed, talk to your salesman about getting memory foam pillows as well, to make sure your sleeping experience is complete; fully satisfying you. I would also recommend getting a mattress pad, to ensure there is an extra layer between you and the mattress.”

Nicole and Larry, Melville, NY

“We’ve been sleeping on our Tempflow Selene mattress for four months and have found it to be very comfortable. It did take me awhile to get accustomed to it, but my husband was comfortable with the mattress on the second night. This weekend we spent two nights in motel rooms and were very happy to return home to our Tempflow Selene mattress. Thank you so much for your help in getting us a very comfortable mattress.”

Herm and Evelyn Bauer, Mesa, AZ

“I purchased a king sized Gaia mattress from Tempflow and would definitely recommend this mattress. I have never bought a mattress without first laying on it in a show room, and was a little nervous about buying this mattress sight unseen (there are no show rooms in our area). I decided to try this mattress for several reasons. I really like the way foam mattresses feel, but I was a little concerned about the complaints that foam mattresses get about sleeping hot, since I am heading into my menopausal years. My previous mattress was a spring mattress with a Temper-Pedic foam pillow top, and it did sleep hot. When I learned that Tempflow had developed a new technology that allows body heat to ventilate out of their mattress, I decided it was worth trying. The first night I slept on the Tempflow, I noticed that I slept significantly cooler. This technology really works. I was also pleased to learn that that the Tempflow mattress doesn’t ventilate volatile organic compounds, unlike other foam mattresses that have that have a bad smell initially. There was no odor from this mattress. I was also very pleased with the cost of the Tempflow. It was less than half the price I would have spent on a comparable Tempur-Pedic mattress. The Tempflow mattress has lived up to my expectations. I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it.”

Maria Ilardi Lawrence, KS

“My wife and I are very pleased with the Copia mattress from Tempflow. Jim at Tempflow worked through the purchasing phase with us and was extremely helpful. The delivery process went off right on schedule. We no longer have muscle pain or soreness when we awaken in the morning and both feel that our sleep has improved. When one of us gets up during the night, it no longer disturbs the other. Also, we have not noticed any increase in temperature with the new mattress. We both feel that it was a great decision.”


RP Coupeville, WA

“We discovered the Tempflow mattress after researching beds on the internet. We were hesitant to buy “sight unseen” as we live in FL where there currently is not a Tempflow showroom. However, the products unique features (improved air flow, significantly lower price, made in America construction, little to no off-gassing and great return policy) persuaded us to give it a try. We are DELIGHTED with our Tempflow bed, which has met and exceeded our expectations. We sleep so comfortably and coolly, with reduced tossing and turning and less back aches in the morning. It’s the most comfortable bed we’ve had and we highly recommend it.”

Steve and Sandra, FL

“After my husband and I got the bed we were nervous about it the first night because he has back pain and I have pain in my shoulders and hips so every time one of us would move we were anticipating pain. We were excited about the experience – actual comfort – no pain! The next night we slept 9 hours straight. We haven’t slept all night in a very long time. We’ve been sleeping great every night and feel so much better. Now I can’t wait to get into our bed and I enjoy sleeping in on the weekends. This bed has improved my quality of life. I’m telling all of my friends!”

Thank you so much.

Sydni McGahan, Virginia

“I LOVE OUR BED! It’s like sleeping on a perfectly supportive cloud. I’ve tried the competitors mattresses – everything from a traditional inner-spring to gel to the air bed that claims perfection for everyone and this is a thousand times better. I haven’t woken up with back pain since we got it and sleep through the night more. Our bed salesman was wonderfully helpful. He answered my plentiful questions in a timely fashion.”

Lisa Riggins

Dear Tempflow and Relief-Mart “We purchased our Tempflow mattress in January, 2007 from John at your store in California. I’ve been waiting to write to you about it until we could test its cooling capabilities – how about July in steamy, Charleston, SC? We both agree the mattress is fantastic! It does take a bit getting used to as compared to a standard mattress – no springiness! But the way it cradles and supports your body is absolutely sublime. It is soft and firm at the same time, as odd as that may sound. Now, during the height of summer heat and humidity, we find the mattress to be a comfortable temperature. It is similar to a standard mattress. It is certainly not hotter than a standard mattress. Since the non-breathability of a foam mattress was definitely a concern in our climate, we are very pleased with this mattress and sleeping comfortably (and we don’t chill our house down). We’re very happy with the mattress and the service we received and would recommend this mattress to anyone!”


Cheryl, Manalapan, NJ

The worlds best guarantee!

Rest easy knowing we got your back (and the rest of your body, too)!


We really want to make sure you love your mattress and that you have the confidence that it will last throughout the years. To that point, we only use extremely high quality, resilient and extra dense foams that will keep the proper support throughout the years. The Tempflow® Mattress offers an industry leading 40-years with over double the coverage and strength of our competitors.


We offer an industry leading hassle-free 120-Night Sleep Trial If you are not satisfied for any reason, you are able to send it back for a full refund of the product purchase price. We don't even charge you restocking fees!


We offer to customize your mattress to fit whatever needs you may have! Since we are the actual factory, that means we can make you virtually any firmness, support, weight and buoyancy to suit your exact needs!

The worlds best guarantee!

Rest easy knowing we got your back (and the rest of your body, too)!


We really want to make sure you love your mattress and that you have the confidence that it will last throughout the years. To that point, we only use extremely high quality, resilient and extra dense foams that will keep the proper support throughout the years. The Snuggle-Pedic offers an industry leading 40-years with over double the coverage and strength of our competitors.


We offer an industry leading hassle-free 120-Night Sleep Trial If you are not satisfied for any reason, you are able to send it back for a full refund of the product purchase price. We don't even charge you restocking fees!


We offer to customize your mattress to fit whatever needs you may have! Since we are the actual factory, that means we can make you virtually any firmness, support, weight and buoyancy to suit your exact needs!

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For more information on how to order a Tempflow® Mattress or to locate a dealer near you, please call us at:

(800) 667-1969

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Mattress Yelp Reviews

Our attention to customer service and use of only the highest quality materials has earned us a 5 Star Rating by Yelp! Best Mattress

Tempflow® is the #1 ranked mattress company compared to our competitors at

Memory Foam From America

All the foam we use is the highest quality available and only made in the U.S.A. Don't accept cheap, overseas substitutes!

As featured on the Doctor Health Show
AM 690 KHNR, Honolulu's #1 Talk Radio

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BBB Accredited Mattress

Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame

For over 16 years our high level of customer care has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As well, we have become a 2012 Hall of Fame Member with our exceptional customer service

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BBB Mattress Reviews

More Reasons to Choose a
Tempflow® Mattress

Mattress Yelp Reviews

Our attention to customer service and use of only the highest quality materials has earned us a 5 Star Rating by Yelp! Best Mattress

Tempflow® is the #1 ranked mattress company compared to our competitors at

Memory Foam From America

All the foam we use is the highest quality available and only made in the U.S.A. Don't accept cheap, overseas substitutes!

As featured on the
Doctor Health Show

AM 690 KHNR, Honolulu's #1 Talk Radio

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BBB Accredited Mattress BBB Mattress Reviews

Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame

For over 16 years our high level of customer care has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As well, we have become a 2012 Hall of Fame Member with our exceptional customer service

Our Products Are Certified Safe for Your Health and the Environment!

Biogreen Eco-Friendly Bed
Greenguard Gold Certification Logo
Greenguard Environmental Institute
Certipur-US Green Mattress

Our Products Are Certified Safe for Your Health and the Environment!

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More Accolades for Tempflow®