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Made in USA Certified®

Many memory foam mattress and pillow companies will state that they make their mattresses and pillows in the U.S.A., but they are actually buying the foam, fabric or covering overseas. At Relief-Mart, Inc. we are proud to say that we not only buy our Tempflow™ mattress memory foam and fabric from the top-rated foam manufacturers in the U.S.A., but we also buy the highest quality foam available!


The superior foam and fabric produced in the U.S.A. costs one- to three-times the amount of that overseas companies charge, but we make up for this price difference by working factory-direct and keeping our overhead low by avoiding the middle-man costs associated with the traditional retail model.  Therefore, we can still save you up to 50% when compared to other leading brands, while giving you a higher quality product! We make our mattresses and pillows with the pride and care that comes from a history of putting our customers’ needs first and the meticulous and watchful eye of our product development consultant, Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.. This also enables us to craft custom mattress and pillow designs to fit your special needs, while still keeping our commitment to supporting our local economy.


MADE in USA CERTIFIED® is a 3rd party organization that audits the supply chain of a product from start to finish to evaluate if all the product components and labor come from the United States.  In 2012, Relief-Mart was audited by Made In the USA Certifed® and awarded their Made In The USA Certified ® seal shown here.  Since this time, Relief-Mart, Inc. has maintained their commitment to only purchasing components for their foam mattresses and pillows that come from companies that use a local labor force to manufacture these components right here in their U.S.A. facilities.  This means that we do not allow any manufacturer to send us a component made by another company overseas to use in our foam mattresses or pillows and that additionally, we will not even purchase from a manufacturer who has their own plants in other countries, since we do not want to take a chance that our components may come from outside their U.S.A. facility.  This is difficult for us, since more and more manufacturer’s want to lower their costs with supplemental outside the U.S.A. facilities, but we remain steadfast with this commitment, no matter the extra costs incurred.


Since the time of Relief-Mart’s certification by Made In The USA® in 2012, the Made In The Made USA Seal® has become a trusted designation that reassures consumers that a company’s product has been fully audited to determine the manufacturing and supply country of origin.  While it was a tough decision, with our company’s commitment to keep our costs lower, we made decision to save the cost of the certification fees required to maintain the on-going re-certification process by the Made In The USA Certified® organization at this time.  However, we still maintain the same level of commitment to purchasing all U.S.A. components and using U.S.A. only labor to manufacture all of our foam mattresses and pillows.

Our 4-Month Sleep Trial

Because we are so convinced that you will not find a more comfortable and supportive mattress, we offer a 4-Month Sleep Trial to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your Tempflow™ Mattress. Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee for more detailed information.

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Our attention to customer service and use of only the highest quality materials has earned us a 5 Star Rating by Yelp!

Tempflow™ is the #1 ranked mattress company compared to our competitors at Beds.org.

All the foam we use is the highest quality available and only made in the U.S.A.  Don't accept cheap, overseas substitutes!

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For over 16 years our high level of customer care has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As well, we have become a 2012 Hall of Fame Member with our exceptional customer service

Our Products Are Certified Safe for Your Health and the Environment!

More Accolades for Tempflow™

In 2006, The Tempflow was tested and given the award for space technology innovation for use in the market place by the very prestigious global online news source – SpaceDaily The prestigious Sleep Disorders Center of Alabama performed a sleep study on 36 participants with 100% of those surveyed reporting they felt more supported on Tempflow. We are proud to be the only mattress company featured in the issue of NASA 50: 50 Years of Space Exploration and Discovery. We also are so convinced that you will not find a more comfortable and supportive mattress, that we are offering a 4-Month Sleep Trial to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your Tempflow™. We are proud to offer one of the best warranties in the mattress business.


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