How Does a Tempflow™ Mattress Compare?

Many people ask us, “How does the Tempflow mattress compare to other popular memory foam mattresses?”

To answer this question best, we first refer you to SpaceDaily, an independent agency and online space publication headquartered in Sydney, Australia. SpaceDaily performed a one-on-one test comparing a Tempflow™ model with a Tempur-Pedic® model). In the test article, SpaceDaily gave the Tempflow the product innovation award for making excellent use of NASA’s space technology for home use and bringing to the market place a new, innovative technology that really works.

Support and Longevity



Support and Longevity

While many mattress companies claim to make their mattresses in the U.S.A., they are purchasing their foam from much cheaper sources overseas. We only use the highest quality U.S.A. foam, so you won’t have to worry about longevity issues, as well as the reduced support that comes with using overseas foam that flattens out with use. The Tempflow was designed to offer the best Orthopedic support for the spine, as well as contour all of your body’s bumps and curves to offer a better pressure disbursement across the whole of your body for a locked-in supportive feeling that only true, high-quality memory foam can provide. Additionally, our patented Airflow Transfer System™ allows the breathability necessary to prevent the trapping of heat and moisture on the surface of the mattress, thereby helping to prevent the breakdown the cell structures that occurs with traditional and memory foam mattresses.


All memory foam is not created equal. There is no substitute for using high quality memory foam, and that is the only type of memory foam we use! The way we have layered the Tempflow mattress makes it as comfortable as it is supportive. From the moment you lie down on a Tempflow mattress, you will feel the plushness of the softer, ultra-pressure sensitive top layer visco-elastic memory foam, while slowly adapting to the even more dense and thicker 5lb. memory foam layer. This layered effect blends seamlessly into the orthopedic high resilient base to keep you locked in a pressure reducing total body support system while maintaining a cozy, but not overheated temperature environment thanks to our patented airflow transfer system technology.


We give you the highest quality memory foam in a three and four layers, patented system that will cost you less than the ordinary designs of the competition.

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Our attention to customer service and use of only the highest quality materials has earned us a 5 Star Rating by Yelp!

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All the foam we use is the highest quality available and only made in the U.S.A.  Don't accept cheap, overseas substitutes!

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More Accolades for Tempflow™

In 2006, The Tempflow was tested and given the award for space technology innovation for use in the market place by the very prestigious global online news source – SpaceDaily The prestigious Sleep Disorders Center of Alabama performed a sleep study on 36 participants with 100% of those surveyed reporting they felt more supported on Tempflow. We are proud to be the only mattress company featured in the issue of NASA 50: 50 Years of Space Exploration and Discovery. We also are so convinced that you will not find a more comfortable and supportive mattress, that we are offering a 4-Month Sleep Trial to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your Tempflow™. We are proud to offer one of the best warranties in the mattress business.


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